Sailing Info

The 2023/24 Sailing fixtures are now finished - the fixtures held can be downloaded HERE.
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the Winter 2024 fixtures.

Fleet courses can be downloaded HERE.
There are three separate fleet courses here - page through to your class of boat.
NOTE: The Sabre Fleet sails the same courses as the Laser Full and Radial Rigs.

Sailing Instructions for MYC can be downloaded HERE.

A map of the course marks can be downloaded HERE.

Sailing Fixtures - Winter 2024
Note that winter fixtures are not formal Club races and the safety boat may not necessarily be on the water.  Start time is 1pm.

MYC Winter Series 1 Sun 05/05/24
MYC Winter Series 2 Sun 09/06/24
MYC Winter Series 3 Sun 07/07/24
MYC Winter Series 4 Sun 04/08/24
MYC Winter Series 5 Sun 01/09/24