Member FAQ

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of membership?

Full membership - applies to those over 18 (or not a full time student) who wish to participate in training or racing, and/or wish to store their boat at the Club.  Note that dinghy storage is reserved for those sailors who are committed to racing regularly.

Student/Juniors - have the same rights as Full members, but are either under 18 or are full time students.

Family membership - join as a family for all the rights of a Full membership.

Associate membership - have all rights except voting, racing and boat storage.  Good for those participating in non-sailing activities (eg. volunteers, social members).

Radio Controlled Sailors - these members race RC boats.

Life Members - those who have contributed significantly to the Club are recognised as Life Members.

SailPass is also available for sailors to experience sailing at MYC.


When does the membership year begin?

The season starts in October each year.  

Join the Sunday morning Learn to Sail program and automatically gain membership for the year.


Do you pro rata if joining mid year?

Yes, if you join after 31st December, you pay half the annual membership rate.


How much is membership?

Membership Type   FULL YEAR
Full Membership also known as "Senior"         240.00
Student/Junior Under 18 or F/T student            90.00
Family           450.00
Radio Controlled RC Sailors            50.00
Associate              50.00
Racing Fee (per boat) Open to Senior, Junior and Family members
Senior           170.00
Student/Junior              55.00
Boat Storage    
Racing Yacht           195.00
Canoe/Windsurfer              90.00
Training Learn to Sail , or Bronze Fleet          110.00


What if I don't have my own boat?

If you are part of a training fleet, then you automatically have use of a Club boat.

In your first year as a member, you may use a Club boat (subject to availability during training sessions) to participate in racing.  Thereafter you may decide whether to continue with a Club boat, or purchase your own boat.  If you wish to continue with a Club boat, then we ask that you contribute to its maintenance by way of a boat hire charge.  Please see the membership form for details.


Can boats be hired casually to the general public?

Club boats are not available for casual hire.  

Season long hire for members is available.


Can I learn to sail at Maylands Yacht Club?


MYC provides two types of learn to sail opportunities, depending on demand.

Summer Season Sunday morning program

MYC offers two 9 week Learn to Sail programs over the summer season.  The first commences in October. The second in January.  These are for all ages.  

School holiday programs

MYC offers 5 day Junior Introduction to Sailing courses over the school holidays.  They are designed for people aged between 10 and 16 years.

Go to the LEARN TO SAIL tab to register.


What can a non-sailor do at Maylands Yacht Club?

Our non-sailing members are an important part of the Club.  You can get involved in activities such as manning the Start Box (training provided), being on the Support boat (crucial part of sailing), food and bar support, marketing, social activities.