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21st and 22nd March 2020










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The National Sabre Sailing Association (SSAA) has issued the following clarification regarding sails:

  1. The current Sabre Sail will be the only legal Sabre sail for the 2020 Nationals at Wallaroo.
  2. The current Sail Evaluation Process does not mandate that a new sail design will result.
  3. The timeline to introduce any potential sail design change has not been determined

 Additionally, the Sail Evaluation Process that is currently underway does not automatically indicate that a new Sabre sail will eventuate and lastly that the SSAA recognises that the timeline to introduce a new sail design will need to occur over at least one full season if not longer.




There are some sail developments in the Laser class.


The new C5 rig if successful in trials may be adopted as a more attractive option covering a wider weight range alongside the existing Laser 4.7.



This following post is on the WA Laser Association's Facebook page.



International Laser Class Association (ILCA) has issued this statement:

First, ILCA has no plans to replace or remove any of our existing classes. The 4.7, Radial and Standard classes will continue as always with controlled, incremental evolution and development aimed at improving longevity, increasing the ease of use and reducing the cost of ownership. 

Second, any new rigs that are in development are not proposed for inclusion in the Olympic reevaluation or sea trials. It is the existing Standard and Radial rigs that ILCA is working to have retained for the Olympic Games. The one proposed change at this time is a new composite Radial lower mast that is in development with an introduction planned so as not to conflict with the 2020 Olympics. The composite Radial lower mast is intended to eliminate any permanent bending issues seen in some aluminum masts and therefore reduce the cost of owning, maintaining and racing the Laser Radial.

Third, consistent with ILCA’s past practice, any new rigs for the Laser hull will only become class legal equipment after thorough testing and widespread evaluation in conjunction with the ILCA Technical Officer, the ILCA Technical and Measurement Committee and with the approval of World Sailing.






MYC Learn to Sail for adults and children


held on Sundays at 9.30am for the 2019-20


summer season.







A Call For Volunteers


MYC is looking for volunteers to help run the morning and afternoon training/racing fixtures on Sundays. There are several roles that need to be filled to ensure an enjoyable day on the water, so please contact Club Secretary Steve Rose for details if you would like to assist the club.


0417 995 598